Re: Is Yahoo Groups moderating every messages?

Joe Zeglinski

    Is the problem just Yahoo Groups, or Yahoo email system in general?
Have you tried including your own email address when you email out to Yahoo groups, to compare how long a direct email comes right back, versus popping up in the Group’s new email arrival box? If there is a dual problem with posting to Yahoo Groups, and another forum based at  RIT University, then it may not be the fault of either destination server, but your ISP server between them and your PC.
    I wonder if there is some over active spam checker in play at your ISP. They can trigger on the most “innocuous” words. Perhaps the ISP webmaster has tweaked its SPAM-checking criteria tighter, recently.
    Except for that recent  2-day Yahoo hiatus period, my emails to Yahoo groups have, as usual,  arrived back to my own INBOX, from any of my  groups,  in a matter of minutes, if not seconds – and this is  all the way from Canada.
    However, I would have appreciated an explanation, if not an apology from Yahoo, for the recent service down time.
I can say that generally, Yahoo Group emails have had excellent turn around times for my posts. I use the email delivery system for message posts, rather than using a browser and group login. Perhaps THAT method makes a difference.
    Since I have been getting several repeats of Rolando’s recent post from last weekend  -  about (Fwd: AP Mount Encoder Tests - what do AP encoders really do?) ...  I assume the current Yahoo Groups service crisis is over, and we can resume normal postings.
    Anyway, I’m glad to see that Yahoo is now back to business as usual ...  although ... I have been expecting Google to buy them out for some time now.

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