Re: Guiding AP mounts with PHD

Joe Zeglinski

    One other thing to beware of is that some CCD cameras associated guider chips,  as in the SBIG STL-11000, are turned off and “go blind” for the entire duration of the main image download time. Even the (somewhat independent), external RGH camera takes a rest, because the main camera is too busy downloading the image at that moment. Part of the design, unfortunately – should be live, all the time. Don’t know if it is still that way in newer models, but I suspect it is.
So, there will be a significant guider bump, due to guide star drift or bobble,  compared to real time guiding performance.
    In such case, it is best to introduce a delay between frames, somewhat longer than the main camera download time, to let the mount catch up with the guider,  to settle down after download completion.

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