Re: Is Yahoo Groups moderating every messages?

Joe Zeglinski

    I wonder if Yahoo had a “server shutdown” for some reason, perhaps to service its email server or flush out a virus, something no business would want to advertise. I noticed that there were absolutely NO GROUP emails arriving for about 2 days this past weekend – from ANY of the dozen or so “Yahoo Astro” manufacturer groups I subscribe to. A weekend seems like a good time for a general service shutdown, perhaps it is an annual clean-up.
    This was unusual, since the AP and SBIG groups are always so prolific. Dead silence for 2 days was certainly disconcerting, almost like a nuclear winter without a dose of communications. Now the traffic is back to its usual pace, and we now have our astro fix (pun intended).
    Contrary to some opinion, I like Yahoo handling “Group emails”. Other major,  unique vendor-installed,  user support forums are either restrictive, or just plain clunky. Hope AP doesn’t go that way. I suspect using something other than Yahoo for Groups will be costly - (aren’t Yahoo Groups free ?) - or involve the manufacturer in continual maintenance  of the group message forum, not to mention the server’s  bug  and virus chasing, wasting vendor’s time and resources.
    Perhaps lets not be too quick to  kill the turkey that laid the original golden egg.

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