Re: Strange Pointing Behavior in AP1200GTO

Yves Laroche

Hi James!

I had the same behavior with park1 position and had to unplug 12V before
telescope hit the pier. I noticed there is some confusion when both keypad
and TheSky (maybe TPOINT) are used together to control the mount. Another
thing, when I tell TheSky where I want to set my park position and do a park
command immediately after, my mount go upside down and I have to cancel the
slew before dammage. After doing a set park position with TheSky, I must
shutdown TheSky and re-open it to take advantage of the park command...???

Did you used T-POINT when this behavior happened. If yes, with a base
mapping model or short mapping run model? I noticed some data corruption
(PSD goes high) when some "short mapping run" are added to the base model. I
had to remove all added TERMS to my base model and adding them after to my
short mapping run model. What upgrade number for TheSky, CCDSoft and TPoint
are you using?

I hope those informations will help to solve this problem. Thank you.

Yves Laroche
Montreal, Qc, Canada

ap1200gto wrote:

To: Group,

I just got back testing my mount after
doing the (RA) backlash compensating routine.
The mount seemed to track fine, but the pointing
acted very strange. When I would sync on Sirius and
then have the mount slew to Procyon, it seemed to get
the RA portion right but it took the delta-Dec between
Sirius & Procyon and slewed south; not north like it should.
I had it at 6Hr E horizon side adjust (RA/Dec/Rev button),
Sirius was almost at the meridain and Procyon was due east. I
powered the system down but it did the same thing. Changing the
horizon-side adjust did not help. I even switched the Dec to
reverse using RA/Dec/Rev button but it didn't seem to do anything.
I also tried sync'ing on Regulas and it seemed to work in getting
me to the Eskimo Nebula, but then I tried sync'ing on Dubhe (front
star of the big dipper) and slewed to M82, but instead of slewing
to Dec=69.66 it slewed to Dec=49.66; again the right Dec-delta with
respect to Dubhe (Dec=+60) but the wrong sign (direction S instead of
N!). Is there something I'm missing? I checked the cables and they
seemed o.k.

James Foster
Los Angeles, CA

p.s. Park(3) function did not seem to work either.

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