Re: AP Mach 1 CPC4 with RC10

Sam Saeed


You may want to check Leonardo Orazi’s website. He uses a Mach 1 and 10” RC. He may be able to chime in with his experience. 

Here’s the link


Sam Saeed

On Friday, January 26, 2018, 12:29 PM, diego_gomezp@... [ap-gto] wrote:


Hello All,

I own an AP Mach1 GTO with CP4 box (bought it brand new at the beginning of 2017) which has performed very well with my SW Esprit 100ED and Celestron 9.25 Edge HD.

I'm currently debating between getting a 10RC or 11 Edge HD. The RC is heavier (35 vs 28 lb without imaging gears) and a little longer than the Edge HD 1100. Now, considering that the payload capacity of the Mach 1 has been revised to 65lb, I would think that it would handle easily any of these tubes.

Would you guys agree with this? Would be better to use a 8RC?

Your comments and feedback would be highly appreciated!

Clear skies,


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