Re: problem with mount resetting...

Chris Spratt

I would check the cigarette "plugin" end as the AP power cord is a bit weak in
this point. The spring-loaded "button" on this end on two of my Ap400 cords went
in and wouldn't come back out. I lost the connection as a result. I took the
cord to a local electronic firm and they installed a more "robust" fused piece
and it even has a small light.

This DC cord in my opinion is the weakest part of the AP mounts. (I had a
similar problem with the DC power cord on my SBIG CCD. Ive gone through 2 in a
year and I'm very, very careful!)

Whatever you do just watch the polarity.

Todd Gross wrote:

My mount is still resetting (A/P 600 GTO) Out of nowhere it just
resets and keeps running, but loses it's whereabouts. I am now using
a different battery (suspecting fluctuating voltage in the old) and
am going to swtich to a new cable tonight. If it keeps happening, is
there a cure short of sending it to a/p ?



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