Re: Trouble sync'g MaxDome II Controller to APCC

Ray Gralak

Hi Andrew,

So one more interesting tidbit... After some additional trial and error testing I
noticed that if Disconnect and then Re-Connect in the ASCOM Dome Control
Panel without changing anything else it does pick up the correct RA/DEC and
Alt/Az position as reported by APCC. However, as soon as I move the scope to a
different position, say 45 Alt / 270 Az using the APCC GoTo screen, then the
ASCOM Dome Control Panel gets out of sync again. So it appears the issues is
that for some reason the Dome Control is not keeping in sync with APCC unless I
Disconnect and Re-Connect the Dome Control Panel. Odd.
I think that the dome and scope will usually have different coordinates because of the geometry of the telescope and pier. In any case this seems like an issue with the ASCOM Dome controller, not APCC. Have you tried contacting Diffraction Limited?

-Ray Gralak
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