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Hi Bryan
Thanks, I've seen this video, and it's very informative (comforting?), but it does not show how the two motor assemblies are actually removed from the mount. If its just unthreading the two or three screws securing the motor assemblies that would be great but in the first post on this thread there was this comment: "Unscrew shoulder bolts that hold the spur gears so that the gears may be removed". "Do not try and remove the worm's spur gear or motor spur gear." Question do both slotted bolts get removed? ".  I'm not clear on what this is referring to and I want to just be sure that I'm not missing anything when I take things apart.
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A-P posted this link to a video a while back


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I have a related question regarding regreasing my AP1200. I ordered and have received the AP regrease kit. However, I did not receive any written instructions. Is there a set of instructions available for this procedure?

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