Re: Difference in hand control setting between 900 and 1100 mount

Joe Zeglinski

    I have labeled my AP-900 and AP-1200 hand pads – thinking the “gear ratios” might confuse which ever mount these two pads were connected to at the time. There is a “Mount Type” setting which I assumed might confuse things. So, I have been faithfully attaching the specific labeled pad to the corresponding mount, because at one time, the mount didn’t park itself at the expected position. All location and time setting were identical in both keypads.
    WHAT does “MOUNT TYPE” affect, in this case?
    So, are you saying that in MY CASE, I could attach either keypad to either of my two mounts and nothing would go awry – assuming locations etc. are set identically?
    Sure would save a lot of worry, confusion,  and hassle if I could use just use one keypad for both mounts, and put the other pad in storage.
Hope to get a similar reassurance.

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I have always used the settings in the hand controller to set to the appropriate mount model but curious if that is necessary.  Does it actually do anything such as select different gear ratios, etc. I do know that you have to have separate PEC or turn it off if not recorded for each of the mounts.
There would be no changes to the keypad for those two mounts. The keypad does not store the RE recording, so there is no problem swapping it back and forth. It also doesn't store gear ratios, that's done in the mount servo control (CP3 or CP4).


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