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Where are you located?
Let me tell you what you are going to run into in doing this.  I also have an 1100 and what you are suggesting should work but I will let others chime in on this.  If you proceed here is what you are facing.  When you approach a machine shop, one of three things are going to happen.  First they will  probably say no.  If they agree to it second, it will be between jobs which will take two weeks, two months, who knows.  Third, they will have a machinist break down a machine that is set for a repetitive job, set it up to do yours, tear it back down and set it back up for what it was doing prior to your job.  The worst part is they will charge you for all that time.  Realize that machine shops are in the business of making money, not for onezy twozy.
Your best bet is to check in your area for a metal working club.  Go to one of their meetings and tell them what you are wanting.  You will find someone willing to take on the project, work with you, and complete it in a reasonable time at a reasonable price.
I hope this helps some.

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I have an 1100 GTO and Mach 1.  Normally the dovetail saddle plate bolts directly into the DEC top plate.  I would like to raise the saddle plate up to 2" above the DEC plate so I can put an Eagle computer on the bottom of the saddle plate without it hitting the motor case or RAPAS.  This will also allow me to rotate the focuser on one of my scopes without it hitting anything (the focuser motor sticks out a couple inches so I can't rotate it down).

What I'd like to do is have a machine shop make a circular piece the width of the DEC top plate (6.275" on the 1100) with the same hole pattern, but drill non-tapped holes.  I'll then get longer screws to go from the saddle plate through the 2" adapter into the DEC top plate.
Ideally they'd use the same material as the DEC plate (a type of aluminum I assume) and paint it a similar color.  Remo ving some of the material where it doesn't add strength would also be nice - like how the bottom of the DEC plate and insides of the mount are - those rectangle cutouts.

Other than cost and a slight additional weight, is there any disadvantage of doing this?
I'd think since it would be a solid piece it wouldn't move or flex.
Would there be a balance issue with the scope 2" higher on the mount?

What questions should I ask the machine shop?


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