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Steve Reilly

It did seem to manifest just after CenturyLink upped my speed and lowered my cost….figure that one out. Competition I guess although out here in the countryside there is no other competition except satellite and the latency is very high and weather dependent, been there with HugesNet and it worked better than my other option at the time, dialup. They did run fiber to our switch and maybe picked up 40-50 customers before the distance was too far. I’m closer than most so I get decent speeds for out here, 12mbs wohoo.




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That also happens to me, but it is quite rare.


    I always suspect my ISP (Rogers, here), as having an equipment problem, or local  ISP (Yahoo client) overload, before their server “forwards” my email to YAHOO.

There are a lot of ISP’s who are clients to Yahoo, so some can have periodic bottlenecks due to traffic overload, or their equipment undergoing service or backups.


    Anyone, that’s my theory. Sometimes patience is a virtue, well-deserved.



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This post showed up instantly. Hmmmm maybe it's working again.



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