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Steve Reilly

Haven’t really followed this thread but have you placed another wi-fi device where the CP4 is to see how well the signal is received and the connection behavior? I placed a repeater in my observatory for the weak wi-fi signal I get there, right on the edge. But only use it for my IP cameras and run a Cat6 wire from PC to CP4 of course without issue. I wouldn’t want to trust my sole connection to a wi-fi signal anywhere and at least the CP4 allows a backup which again is a wired connection. Just saying but again I haven’t followed this thread closely at all.





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Joe - none of that applies. Remote desktops (both) work perfectly.

Nuc isn't the issue because the Nuc can be OFF - during the problem.


The problem is the CP4  loses connection to my router. It's been a 4 month problem (well since the mount arrived).

The Nuc was added 3 weeks ago. 

I monitor the problem from in the house (no other hardware is involved). I can view the routers "connected devices".

And the GP4 comes and goes.   Logging into the cp4's menu.  (this can be from the nuc, but is more often done in 

the house on my desktops. (they are connected to the router). I can call up the connected devices list from anywhere..

results are same.


I am quite good at logically finding problems. So all these basics have been extremely well covered. (removing as many variables as possible).

IE:  CP4  and  Router.  Nothing else is envolved.  Leaves it to signal, or interference.. Thus, I have changed from AUTO channel

to channel 3 and 6.  SAME PROBLEM.  I have scanned wifis in my area with a util that shows all wifi networks in range and channels.

I have one neighbor. (only one). I can see his networks and what channels they use. I opted to use channels out of their signal spread.

I have used wifi signal strength utils to monitor wifi at the dome.  (300ft from router). And it's quite stable.

I've since added other wifi devices which all connect and are stable. 


Other devices added over last couple months stay connected.  Router reveals them as connected.

CP4 does not. 


Other devices (when asked to connect to a wifi signal, list all 8 or so networks). Connects to either of my two 2G options.


CP4 shows "some" or "none" or "all" and when asked to connect to one of two I use...  mostly refuses to connect with correct password.

It says retry correct password.  (which is correct).  When it can't find my networks, I turned on hot spot on my phone in the dome. 3 ft from 

CP4 and it can not be found.  Often a power down and up of the CP4 may fix this and show the network options.

However then it's a 90% chance the password will not be accepted.  (that puzzles me, is it being corrupted?) 


I have used it as an access point and it seems fine. BUT I've never used it configured as such for more than 10-15 minutes. (to test wifi).

I think today, - I will reconfigure it as an access point and run my wifi scanner to watch its signal as a host.


going to try that now.  I added some screen caps to the file section under the folder name of Rons attachments.






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Hi Ron and Group,

We are working on this on our end.  One thing that we have noticed is that there seems to be a large number of issues of various sorts - including WiFi problems - on systems employing the NUC mini computers. 

The issue that Ron is seeing has all the earmarks of a radio interference problem.   I am not going to play the blame game, but I do want to point out that all of our A-P electronics undergo rigorous FCC / CE testing and are pretty well shielded. 

We'll keep the group informed as we pursue this further.


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