Trying to control Mach 1 from Sky Safari 5 Pro on my iPAD

Bruce Donzanti

I tried connecting my Sky Safari 5 Pro on my iPAD to CP4 as an access point on my Mach1 which is brand new.  I was able to do that successfully by setting the following:

1. Found the CP4 WiFi Access Point and connected to it after entering my password.

2.  Set up Sky Safari Plus/Pro 5 as follows:

  • Scope Type -- Astro-Physics GTO
  • Mount Type -- Equatorial GOTO (German)
  • Connect via WiFi
  • IP Address []
  • Port Number [23]
  • [x] Set Time & Location
  • [x] Save Log File
  • Readout Rate -- 3 per second

 I then initialized using my keypad to position 4.

After doing all of this, I wanted to recal on Vega which was near zenith during the day.  When I hit ALIGN nothing happened.  When I hit GOTO the mount moved only a few inches and then stopped.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

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