Can you control a Mach1 with a Mac through TSX?

E. Wheeler

Perhaps this has been discussed but I couldn't find anything in my admittedly quick search. As a beginner learning how complex this hobby is, I am trying to reduce the number issues that I have to figure out while learning the ropes. I am a lifelong user of Apple computers (never owned or even used a PC for more than 10mins) and I see that the vast majority of the software and hardware is tethered to the PC via ASCOM. What I am trying to do is figure out how to eliminate the added complexity of a windows PC, while I learn the basics of imaging. The two candidates for my mount are the Mach1 and the MYT. They both look great and for me both have plusses and minuses. I know I can run the MYT and stay in my comfort zone on the mac via TSX. What I am asking is, can a Mach one be completely connected to and controlled via TSX? Or do I still need to have an ASCOM driver/interface in between?

I am sure there are plenty of Mac users out there; I'm guessing most of which have migrated or integrated a windows environment into their workflow in some way, but I'm looking for those brave pioneers (if they exist) that have this awesome looking Mach1 tamed under OSX.



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