Re: Installing APCC on my laptop

Steve Reilly

Thanks Steve, I don’t remember increasing the font size but who knows. It took days for the original post to make it and by then Ray had already set me on the straight and narrow. Go figure….


Thanks Again Guys,




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I had the exact problem after increasing the size of the Windows default font. After reverting back to the original Windows font size the problem was fixed.


steve hoffman


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And the main window is cut off. My recommended resolution is 1920x1080 and is set accordingly and have the latest NVIDIA driver as well. Any suggestions. I need to do some troubleshooting with my mount and need the laptop to test it with. I was hoping to use the saved settings from the observatory computer (desktop) and that may well be the issue. Any ideas? I’ve posted a screen shot in the files section named screen-cutoff.jpg






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