Re: Re-greasing the AP1200GTO Mount

Mike C

My typical operating temps are -10F to 32F. Is the standard AP grease kit optimal for this range?

Mike in Alaska

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Thanks for this and the question about running the work gear during cleaning!

P.S.  The Version 11 firmware install went without a hitch.


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Somewhere between sparingly and liberally ;^))

I personally like lots of grease on my mounts, but then in the heat of summer the grease will begin to weep a bit of oil and may run a drop or two down the outside of the mount. Some people have complained in the past when that happened to their mount sitting in their observatory in high temp conditions. My mounts have so much Midwest dust and soil on them, a bit of oil leakage doesn't even show thru the grime.

Don't obsess about cleaning off every last speck of old grease. Just wipe it with paper towels, and maybe use a toothbrush to remove grease down deep. Then add the new grease and put it all back together. It will run great.


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