Need advice with new Mach1GTO: Polar Alignment and drifting

Bruce Donzanti

I just bought a Mach1GTO for my de-forked C11" and am still feeling out how the mount works.   I also bought the RAPAS for PA.  The scope is balanced and it is leveled in the E/W direction. 

 I did an initial rough PA and then used the RAPAS and the app to complete the fine alignment.  Using my UltraStar camera at f/5,  I did a drift test on Sirius as it was low in the southeastern sky and it remained centered for 5 mins before I noticed any drift.  Then I did the same with Menkar just off the meridian and near the celestial equator and it only stayed centered for about 1 and a half minutes.  I then looked once again on the RAPAS and Polaris seemed spot on compared to the app.  So, I am concluding from this that the RAPAS needs to be realigned as AP suggests could be the case. My question: What is the simplest and best way to do the drift alignment which I have never done? 

I am a Mac user and I am aware that AP highly recommends PemPro which is a Windows program vs. doing the drift alignment manually.  I also realize that the simplest and best ways may not be the same.  I do have an Intel compute stick with Windows 10 if folks think PemPro is the way to go.  

Thanks in advance,




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