Re: More Troubles Tonight with APPM

Roland Christen

Basically the users did not follow instructions to the letter.


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    That’s interesting ... didn’t know that.
    Maybe an “AP written UNWRAP” utility would be useful, for those with mounts that have internal cabling. Does the CPx know “how many times” it had wrapped? Perhaps there is a published spec, for a mount model’s standard number of turns?
If the user just unwraps manually, perhaps less than one turn, the condition would soon repeat, unless he had some way of knowing how many turns would bring the mount cabling twist back to the normal, at the midpoint of its allowed wrap range.
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Do you have a CP4, and if so, what firmware? When I upgraded mine to the newest version 10 on my 1100 and Mach 1 the mounts would often stop and park themselves (without a park command being sent) and the light on the CP4 would turn yellow and I could only slew one way (east or west).
Basically what happened in your mount was that you had gone around multiple times and had reached an internal limit. The CP4 then stopped going any further and turned on the yellow light to indicate that a limit had been reached. You could slew the other direction out of the limit, but could not slew any more in the same direction. This limit is set so that your internal cord does not wrap around too many times.


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