Re: AP1200 CP3 power supply

Christopher Erickson

There has been quite a lot of discussion on power supplies on this list in the past several months.  Lots of good information in the message archives.
Buying your power supplies directly from AP will always be the safest decision.  If your mount is damaged by one of their power supplies you can bet that AP will go above and beyond to make everything right.  You bought an AP mount.  This isn't the time to start pinching pennies.
It sounds like your web switch has 120/240VAC outlets on it and your AP mount wants ~13.7VDC.  Every possible solution is going to have a box or brick in the middle of the cord to make the voltage conversion.  Possibly I am misunderstanding your question.
I hope this helps.
-Christopher Erickson
Observatory engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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Hello all,
I am in the process of buying a used 2006 AP1200 and have a question about which power supply to use?

First some basics -
1) The mount will be used in a remote observatory at around 4500ft. While the observatory is in West Texas, it does get cold in the winter months - will repeatedly go below 32F.
2) The power supply will be purely for the mount. I will have a dew zapper, but I don't intend to use the power supply that I wil have for the mount to be used with anything else.
3) The power supply will be hooked to a web switch, which in turn will be hooked to an UPS.

Anything else the group wants to know, please ask - I am not sure what all information y'all will need.

I have seen AP sell the 25 amp continuous variable voltage PS, however that looks expensive to me. There is a similar version of that, one made by Jetstream JTPS28M and that is almost half the price. I may buy that - is that any good? Do people use that? I realize that does me very little good in a remote setting in terms of being able to set the voltage, but I might set it at a consistent 14v. I believe the mount will draw about 5amps and should be good enough for that.

Separately, I would ideally like an AC power supply - I am not a big fan of cigarette lighters being plugged in to power supply boxes - I would much rather that I just have a 3-pin plug and attach one end to the web switch and the other end to the mount. What are my options there - other than building one myself?



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