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Bruce Donzanti

I did- as I stated in my post.

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1)      My RAPAS came with specific initial alignment instructions.  I think you need to read the stuff that came with the RAPAS and do the initial alignment.  Once you do that, the RAPAS will be aligned for not just your mount, but other AP mounts as well.  You can move it back and forth between AP mounts and it’ll still be aligned.

2)      I believe “SYNC” is the wrong command for what you’re trying to do with an AP mount.  I think RECAL is what you want.  Nomenclature and terms are often different for AP mounts.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made this same mistake because SYNC is the correct term for other brands of mounts and software.

3)      You really do need to read the excellent manuals that came with your new Mach1.




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Tired my new Mach1GTO for the first time last night.  Mount was leveled E/W and balanced per instructions.  I used the RASPA right out of the box to do PA following initial rough polar alignment.  I then did a SYNC to a bright star in the east and I thought I had the scope aligned on the west side as they say instruct in the KeyPad manual.  When I started to slew, I was able to see objects on my computer screen using a CCD camera in the east and southeast but nothing in the FoV west and north.  I also did drifting testing and the star low in the east did start to drift after 5 minutes.  So, I am thinking I have 2 problems: 1) I did not SYNC correctly for the GOTOS and/or 2) the RASPA needs to be aligned following drift alignment due to the slight drifting occurring.    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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