GOTO issue with Mach1GTO

Bruce Donzanti

Tired my new Mach1GTO for the first time last night.  Mount was leveled E/W and balanced per instructions.  I used the RASPA right out of the box to do PA following initial rough polar alignment.  I then did a SYNC to a bright star in the east and I thought I had the scope aligned on the west side as they say instruct in the KeyPad manual.  When I started to slew, I was able to see objects on my computer screen using a CCD camera in the east and southeast but nothing in the FoV west and north.  I also did drifting testing and the star low in the east did start to drift after 5 minutes.  So, I am thinking I have 2 problems: 1) I did not SYNC correctly for the GOTOS and/or 2) the RASPA needs to be aligned following drift alignment due to the slight drifting occurring.    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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