Re: problem with mount resetting...

Paul Gustafson <drgus@...>

Another possible problem is the cigarette lighter adapter connection. Every
alligator clip-to-female-cig-adapter I have seen was very cheaply made and
doesn't give a positive connection. I took my 32 amp hour battery to a
custom stereo store and explained the problem. For a reasonable price, they
ran very heavy gauge wire from the battery terminals to special snap-lock
connectors, and wired the mating connectors to the ends of my AP power
cable, Kendrick controller, power inverter. There's absolutely no way to
screw up, and each connection locks solidly with a positive audible "snap."

The low quality cig adapter fried my Daystar filter (egads!) and prompted my
search for a better setup.


Todd Wrote:

My mount is still resetting (A/P 600 GTO) Out of nowhere it just
resets and keeps running, but loses it's whereabouts. I am now using
a different battery (suspecting fluctuating voltage in the old) and
am going to swtich to a new cable tonight. If it keeps happening, is
there a cure short of sending it to a/p ?

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