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Ray Gralak


You gave me a time frame of where to look in the logs and the only thing relevant is that somehow the mount was parked by something other than APCC and that caused the problem with APPM. So, it doesn't appear to be a software error. At least not an APCC/APPM/AP driver software error.

If you don't know what else you were running at that time that could have caused this then you probably will need to work with A-P to find the reason why the mount parked.

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Hi Ray,

I dug through the log file and found some interesting things, including the COM port read errors. I started APPM
runs a couple of different times and it looks like there are some unsafe slews logged. I have the horizon and
meridian limits set with the actions when these limits are set to "warn only".

Here is a Dropbox link to the excerpt:


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