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I just put it in a big rubbermaid on its side and put a heavy towel over the whole thing.


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Excellent tip. Just ordered one from Amazon. :) 

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    I have a much better – all problems encompassing – solution for you.
    Have a look at the small dog “camping tent” like product “LAPDOME” for about $45 – www.
Professional photographers, especially on remote night time and bad weather shooting – whether indoors or outdoors, put their laptops inside this desktop “pup tent” to keep the laptop’s screen light & sounds away from the filmed action, while still having full access to controlling their camera software.
I use my 15” screen laptop inside, along with its ASUS wireless USB antenna sticking up inside as well.  I think that it could even handle a large 17” laptop, but it might be tight. Great “grab & go” fully operating telescope control laptop setup.
    What’s more – it doesn’t need a  “laptop heater pad” – wasting DC power.
    It serves to keep laptop stray light away from the CCD, as well as keeping some – or even all – of the laptops own generated fan-exhaust  heat inside the pup tent, depending on how much you choose to  zipper up its front flap for “air-conditioning”. It also keeps bugs, blowing snow & dust , as well as dew off the keyboard, and mouse pad surface. Easy access and view of the screen inside through the front zipper flap. You could even hang a red document/eyepiece checking USB lamp from its dome ceiling, or at the laptop side – plenty of room for that.
For travel, the Laptop “pop-up tent”, folds down like any nylon camping pup-tent,  and packs up flat,  in its “tennis racket sized” nylon carry case. Or, at a dark site, you could just grab the LapDome top handle and carry it with the laptop screen still opened up or closed inside, to the car back seat.
    It is quite portable, even while the laptop is unplugged and  still running on battery inside its tent. I have the LapDome “corner rings” tied to a fold-up “beverage table” corners (approx.  same footprint as the tent & laptop), for safety, and just carry it outdoors from the house, for a session. Never had a laptop problem down to about (–15 C) or so for the entire night,  in blowing winter winds.
Bone dry laptop, even while the scope OTA is dripping wet with dew.
    One of the best, least expensive, most useful,  purchases I ever made for this hobby.
Joe Z.
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I have had my laptop out in the observatory testing scopes this last week in temperatures below 30 degrees. After about 2 hours the laptop begins to malfunction and programs begin to slow down. I solved that by using a Kendrik's laptop heater pad (takes about 3.5 amps at 12 volts). Now my laptop is happy and runs all night long without dropping out. 25 degrees is too cold for laptops.


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