Re: Trouble with APPM

Joe Zeglinski

   Many observers have used the “cardboard box approach”. Functional, but makes it look like a street person shelter.
I mentioned using a laptop pup tent, because the “laptop heating pad” approach won’t be good for those “working in the field”. The extra large  heating pad, drains the battery in addition to what the laptop already consumes - (unless, of course they are using a gas powered generator).
    Better to “RECYCLE” the laptop’s excess heat, and keep its screen LCD crystals from freezing up & their display slowing down,  in extreme cold as well, or the keyboard keys from icing over. Presence of wind blown snow,  dusting the keyboard,  might turn to water and flood the key spaces – a worse problem.

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I made a similar tent out of cardboard box with heavy bubble wrap around the outside. It works well except hard to get to the back connectors. The heating pad works like a charm. It also warms the hands when they get too cold.


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