Re: What are the PHD2 settings used in a Mach1?



Maybe its understood, but don't confuse "Use backlash comp" (checkbox on Algorithm tab under Brain) with "Use Declination comp" (checkbox on Guiding tab under Brain).  The latter adjusts the guiding for the declination of the imaged object and is useful enhancement on most mounts with ASCOM enabled.


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Don't play with guide speed. Leave it sit at 1x and play with the other variables. Min Move is important - don't set it too high or you get no corrections. And try not to use any backlash comp or hysteresis. These will just complicate things and may cause instability, overshoot, oscillations, etc.


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Thanks for the suggestion I can give it a try next clear night.   I think I've played with both 0.5x and 1.0x over time and being predominately seeing limited (Mid-Atlantic can be cruel seeing-wise) I'd just settled on whatever I tried last!

Michael Fulbright

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