Re: What are the PHD2 settings used in a Mach1?

Michael Fulbright <mike.fulbright@...>

I've never using the Guiding Assistant.  Probably can't hurt but make sure you understand the settings it chooses.  DEC backlash is usually
discouraged but my mount has a bit of it that I've been too lazy to
adjust out and I find the autotuning that PHD2 does for DEC backlash
timing seems to improve guiding and recovery time from dither moves. YMMV.

I played with the Predictive PEC but as expected with a good PEM curve
it does effectively nothing and would probably just muddle things.

Key is to make sure you use the calculator provided to get the
calibration move time correct.  It just needs guide focal length and
camera pixel size (microns).

I use 0.5x for guide speed but I know 1.0x is known to work well also.

It is really hard to mess this up with a nearly perfect mount like the
Mach1 unless you overdrive the mount or set the minimum move to
something stupid small like 0.1 arcsec.

Michael Fulbright

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