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Beautiful result Terry!


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This is a crop of the Running Chicken Nebula. Its formal name is IC 2944 Lambda Centauri.  It is an area of gas and newborn stars that lies around 6500 light years away in the constellation of Centaurus.  The Running Chicken Nebula get its nickname from the birdlike shape of the brightest part of the nebula. 

This nebula is best known for its Bok Globules, dark dense dust clouds that are opaque to visible light.  Although, astronomers that have access to infrared telescopes can image within the Bok Globules and capture the stars forming within these areas.

This was a challenging image to process.  I wanted to portray a dramatic image that had a three dimensional quality.  The bright star, Lambda Centauri / HIP 56561 shinning away at Mag 3.1 dominated and outshone everything else in the image.  When I started to process, I began to wonder if I could do anything with the data.   That bright beacon had a massive halo.  But, I liked the way it floated above that ridge of gas.  Lambda Centauri almost seems to be recessed in a blue cloud.  Perhaps I have simply been staring at the image far far too long.

Image location:

Center (RA, hms):11h 34m 54.690s

Center (Dec, dms):-63° 00' 42.511"

Size:53.7 x 35.8 arcmin

Radius:0.538 deg

Pixel scale:0.804 arcsec/pixel

Orientation:Up is 266 degrees E of N


10 Inch RCOS fl 9.1

Astro Physics AP-900 Mount

SBIG STL 11000m

FLI Filter Wheel

Astrodon Lum, Red, Green, Blue Filters

Baader Planetarium H-alpha 7nm Narrowband-Filter

Baader Planetarium O-III 8.5 Narrowband-Filter

Baader Planetarium SII Narrowband-Filter


Exposure Details:

16 X 1800 Bin 1X1 Ha

35 X 1800 Bin 1X1 OIII

25 X 1800 Bin 1X1 SII

16 X 450 Bin 2X2 Red

11 X 450 Bin 2X2 Green

17 X 450 Bin 2X2 Blue


Australia, Central Victoria

Imaged from May-July 2017



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