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Hola Joaquin,


That is an awesome location! Who owns and manages the facility?


Your gallery is very nice, as well. I look forward to seeing more of your images.


Clear Skies,


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Dear group, here I'm again with some new images from my new remote observatory.This will be my astroimaging home from now.


The site is located in Rio Hurtado, 1.600 masl. Seeing expected to be 1 arcsec and less.



So far, everything is working as expected with observation tasks programmed for each night.


My AP1100GTO working flawlessly wit the help of Roland, of course :)


Here you can see the instalation of the ror :


And a drone overview of the hill :

Regarding the new images obtained so far :

1) First Light and the classics :

  • Helix PN in Aquarius

  • Silver dollar galaxy in Sculptor :

  • Running Man Nebula in Orion :

  • Full resolution crop :

2) Overlooked .

  • Dorado Group in Doradus :

  • MBM 47 in Aquarius


This is an interesting region of dust consisting of multiple interlocking ribbons of dust.

I'm working in a 2x2 mosaic of this region, but this will take a little more time.


Hope you like it.

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