Re: APCC Won't Auto Shutdown After APV2 Driver Quits

Ray Gralak

If you set the driver connection count to 0 the driver will exit but apcc might still hold an instance of the driver and thus not exit.

If you do not set apcc to connect to the driver, when the last application releases the driver apcc will shutdown by itself without setting the drivers connection count from a script.

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I have a vbscript that I am developing to shut everything down gracefully in the event of a roof closure due to

I set APCC to AutoShutdown ( 1 sec) and unchecked the "Check if OK to Exit". In my vbscript I set the APV2
driver's client count to 0 and it exits successfully when the script is run. However APCC just hangs and doesn't
auto shutdown. I have to kill it from the task manager.

What am I doing wrong?



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