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dan kowall

Hi Lance,
As the original poster on the CN forum I would advise reading the CN posts with a strong sense of caution and irony.
As previously noted, any professionals with experience in this area were strongly discouraged from offering advice to anyone concerned with ground loops.
That essentially left the responding field to people who think they know what they're talking about and one or two professionals who weren't afraid of being sued because of offering some general information on the internet.
Ground loops, though low voltage, can affect imaging results and under certain circumstances can cause damage to electronic equipment. It's worth it to spend the time and effort to prevent them.

dan kowall


On Thu, 11/9/17, [ap-gto] <> wrote:

Subject: [ap-gto] RE: Ground loops
Date: Thursday, November 9, 2017, 3:35 AM

Hi, Lance.  Greetings from a fellow Palomar
Observatory docent.  You should go over to the CN
observatories forum.  Within the past few days there has
been a big discussion of grounding issues, including
participation by Chris Erickson.  Unfortunately, you may
find that the more someone knows about electrical
engineering, the more reluctant they may be to offer advice,
since they haven't seen your setup, and they don't
want to be responsible for offering a recommendation that
may work in some cases but not yours.

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