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Dale Ghent

An ASCOM driver for Wunderground would be interesting; indeed it has the APIs necessary to work with. I can see a few use-cases for it, especially as fall-back if an observatory's own weather station becomes inoperable for some reason.

Another site I would consider integrating with is, where an ASCOM ObservationConditions drive could ingest METAR data from a nearby airport that provides it for more exacting condition reports. METAR data is a long text string that any seasoned pilot can decode mentally, but can be decoded handily by such a driver and the derived values acted upon (or not)

An example from my nearby airport:

Combined with a local cloud camera, this info could be sufficient for deciding on automated observatory operations in most cases; local weather randomness permitting ;)

At any rate, any of the major weather stations have wireless or IP-based connectivity to them; and an ObservationConditions ASCOM driver would need only to grok the formats that are peculiar to each one.


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I think Ray is pretty busy finishing up PEMPro 3 at the moment, so I'll chime in on this.
• I have a couple other APCC priorities that need to be placed ahead of further expanded weather support.
• I believe his first planned expansion beyond the current THUM support will be to the ASCOM standard weather interface. As I understand it, that would include the Boltwood and WeatherWatcher for ACP/CCDAP systems, but I'm not sure how all of that will fit together. I'm also not sure at the moment where he stands in terms of completion for the ASCOM interface.
• We have talked about the Davis Weather Stations, but I don't know anything beyond the initial discussion.
• Input from the Weather Underground and from Citizen Weather Observer Program have also both been brought up, but I'm not sure how these could be employed to best advantage.
• What do you all want? If we get a list of desired weather station options put together, we can then do a gto group poll and see which ideas are most popular.

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