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Mike Shade

I would assume that this is the MS 33 variety, has a green label...?

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Actually I would recommend to not use the MS version because that grease contains sulfur which has some corrosion properties when used with brass or bronze gears. The green Aeroshell33 is a better grease to use.


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Hi Rolando,

The manual recommends Aeroshell33, others in this topic have referred to Aeroshell33MS (now sold as Aeroshell64) which contains 5% MoS2 which can be very messy due to it's deep black color. Here is Aus I've not found a supplier of the Nyogel (except for lubricating flashlight caps!). Aeroshell is readily available and of the two which is recommended? I can see the MoS2 making a mess, especially if the components separate as the original grease has, resulting in a pool of oil on the base. The temperatures in my observatory range from about -15C through to 55C with the normal range about 10C off each end.



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