Re: strange electrical issue - anyone have any knowledge of what to do.

Steve Reilly

I’ve been using Pyramid 12 amp PS and they have always worked great. Not saying there couldn’t be a problem but just a data point. One on the mount and one on the dew heaters.





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There probably isn't a perfect solution out there.


Only buying quality, brand name equipment helps. As would having a good multimeter in your kit and knowing how to use it.

There are 12V gfci devices out there but I have not researched what might offer simple and meaningful protection for telescopes and small observatories.


Maybe I'll look into that.


-Christopher Erickson
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    Of course, you are correct – manufacturers would rather save $2 and leave the risk to “probability and statistics”.

I was just wondering what WE can do – invest in some kind of safety device -  for our extremely expensive investment – to protect the electronics from “whatever” is causing a ground fault. That’s without pointing a/the  finger at any specific manufacturer. This problem is just all too common.


    Yes, a huge copper (earth ground) stake in the ground is one simple way – but perhaps inconvenient  in portable setups.




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