Re: strange electrical issue - anyone have any knowledge of what to do.


I remember one member had warm cables back last year(?)

His DC power supply +13.8 V DC lug was touching the power supply chassis.

I think the current loop would be from
 +13.8 V DC to chassis to protective ground (green wire) to Desktop computer protective ground.
 The Desktop pc protective ground is connected to DC ground inside PC
 DC ground wire connects CP3/4 and then to the negative lug on 13.8V DC power supply completing the ground loop.
 With a DC voltmeter,
 I would check voltage from power supply chassis to it's negative 13.8 Volt lug at front and
 then chassis to positive lug on front of power supply.  Both should be 0 volts.
 The member from last year saw -13.8 volts from power supply chassis to negative lug on front of power supply.
 That means his +13.8 volt lug on front was shorted to chassis.
 As always, I may be wrong again.

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