Re: GTOCP4 Software Update - VCP4-P01-10 and WiFi_A402

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 I'm from very old school where the idea of not being able to roll back is unthinkable.  Modern release cycles for software like smartphone apps always get me riled up. :)

 Although all my use of the mount  is with INDI and I don't use ASCOM/APCC any more I suspect your test coverage of the base protocol is more than adequate for the usage patterns I'll hit.

 Michael Fulbright

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The new update is very thoroughly tested and we believe that we have caught all the bugs…but there is always the possibility of that sneaky, hidden bug!   Regardless, if there might be a problem, we can always send you an older version, oh ye of little faith!   <G>






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I did a quick scan of the documentation and did not see a mention of this - is there a way to backup or download the currently installed software version I have so I can roll back in the chance the upgrade causes unforseen regressions? 

Thank You,
Michael Fulbright

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Thanks for the feedback!


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