Re: pointing accuracy

Louis A. Mamakos <louie@...>

Hi Colt,

Yes, from one part of the sky to the opposite side I have
seen better than 2-arc-minutes accuracy. To get this kind
of accuracy you need to make sure your OTA is orthogonal
and that none of the optical elements shift in movement
(e.g. many SCT's primary mirrors will shift when you move
to another part of the sky). That is why I said I get this
accuracy with my refractor.
Ah, so this makes sense. Based on my experience with some digital
setting circles on my G-11 mount (on the waiting list for a 900GTO, sigh),
polar alignment doesn't seem significant. That's of course doing a
two star alignment.

Orthoganality does seem very important during alignment (e.g., the
SET DEC=0 step) can be difficult on the G-11 given the lack of a fixed
declination axis setting circle.


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