Greasing a 1600GTO?

Mike Shade

Anyone have experience with regreasing the worm gears of a 1600?  Not the internal gears in the gearbox but the main worm gear that contacts the main 10.3" gear...


Specific directions and possible watch outs would be appreciated...after several years of constant use, it may be about time.  Will use Aeroshell.  This may be contributing to my RA issue.  I'm guessing that it ought to be a simple as removing the motor from the mount exposing the worm...but, thought I had better ask prior, especially with the spring loaded worm.


And, secondly, is there anything internal in a 1600 gear box to look at in terms of say looseness?  My old 1200 had a spur gear loosen up once, is this the same for the 1600?  This could also be a RA problem.


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