New AP group and other comments

Derek Wong <dawong@...>

Before I start I'd like to thank the "father" of this group, Howard
Lazarus. Without his hard work we would never have been here.

I created a new AP user's e-group, ap-ug (make sure you put in the
hyphen--apug is another e-group!). This group will be for general
discussions of AP equipment other than GTO mounts/software.

I have invited all of you on the list to join ap-ug. If you don't want
to join, just ignore the e-mail message which will be in your boxes
shortly. If you want to join, follow the instructions.

One member of the group unsubscibed after less than 24 hrs. because he
couldn't access the archives. You should be able to access the messages
If there is a problem with this please send me a private e-mail.
Also, pardon me if I respond slowly--I'm still new at this!


Derek Wong

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