GTO1100 CP4 Telescope position


Hi all,

I do have a problem with the Telescope position is showing in the 3D viewer of APC pro (current version) and the position where the Telescope is pointing in fact.

Procedure I did to solve the problem:
- Move the Telescope to the CWD position at the 3D viewer window
- Turn off the system
- Loose the clutches of RA and move the scope manually to the CWD position
- Turn the system on

At the beginning the position in fact and at the 3D viewer window is the same BUT after the first slew the problem is the same again.

These picture shows the position like the 3D viewer shows it:

These picture shows the position of the Telescope in fact:

My drivers are all updated to current versions on my Windows10 Notebook.

Thanks for comments.

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