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Joe Zeglinski

    Don’t they just hate it when their automatic rifle (AR-15) jams as the SWAT team shows up  to confront them :-)
    Anyway, I commend your decision – AeroShell 33MS will give you peace of mind for using the very best possible lube there is for extremely low ... AND ALSO for extremely HIGH  temperatures, even in (daytime closed observatories) in Auz or Arizona.
    Thanks to Rolando for originally investigating and making the latest grease recommendation

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"I suspect somebody on the web is “repackaging” their “expired tubes” of grease into tiny amount squeeze tubes, at higher prices. Cost them nothing for expired grease, and a fortune to be made for very little labour. "

Perhaps.  But my mount doesn't have to pass an FAA inspection.  I don't want oval stars, but nobody dies if I get them.  The Aeroshell 33MS I'm finding on Amazon in small containers is being marketed to gun owners and builders.  Apparently it's particularly good for AR-15s.  Maybe someone here has experience with Aeroshell 33MS in that application, and maybe they can explain if and why expired lubricant is acceptable. 

As for the Nyogel 788, I have a query out to TAI Lubricants.  I discovered that Nye Lubricants' western office is in nearby Oceanside.  They have a "Pail, Case, or $500 minimum order policy."  Nye's rep in Oceanside directed me to TAI.  But TAI's website doesn't show 788.  Maybe I'm just not seeing it.   We'll see what they say. 

Prediction: by the end of the day, I'll have ordered the Aeroshell.

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