Re: Recommended lubricant


"I suspect somebody on the web is “repackaging” their “expired tubes” of grease into tiny amount squeeze tubes, at higher prices. Cost them nothing for expired grease, and a fortune to be made for very little labour. "

Perhaps.  But my mount doesn't have to pass an FAA inspection.  I don't want oval stars, but nobody dies if I get them.  The Aeroshell 33MS I'm finding on Amazon in small containers is being marketed to gun owners and builders.  Apparently it's particularly good for AR-15s.  Maybe someone here has experience with Aeroshell 33MS in that application, and maybe they can explain if and why expired lubricant is acceptable.  

As for the Nyogel 788, I have a query out to TAI Lubricants.  I discovered that Nye Lubricants' western office is in nearby Oceanside.  They have a "Pail, Case, or $500 minimum order policy."  Nye's rep in Oceanside directed me to TAI.  But TAI's website doesn't show 788.  Maybe I'm just not seeing it.   We'll see what they say.  

Prediction: by the end of the day, I'll have ordered the Aeroshell.

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