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Joe Zeglinski

    Have you ever tried stirring molasses – grease is worse.
    After even the 4 years expiry, NOT worth the effort and mess of  $20 for a “calking tube” sized amount of 33MS. Just buy another one – or  a smaller size if you can find it - (although Shell said this tube was the smallest container, only comes in barrels after that). I couldn’t find an alternate, at the time, and I suspect somebody on the web is “repackaging” their “expired tubes” of grease into tiny amount squeeze tubes, at higher prices. Cost them nothing for expired grease, and a fortune to be made for very little labour. I wouldn’t buy AeroShell 33MS ...  except from an aircraft supplies  service company, or a SHELL authorized distributer. However, I was told by their disti, in Canada, that they don’t sell direct to the public. Besides, you would have to buy a skid-full of product. The “supplies service”  companies are the best bet for a tube off the shelf, especially if you tell the clerk it is for a telescope hobby.
    According to tech support at SHELL Lubricants division, it isn’t just a matter of the oil separating, but IIRC, he said the binding elements (Teflon, etc.) break down – so no mechanical mixing will help. If you think about it, as aircraft landing wheel worms continue to be in contact, mixing the grease on them on several flights a day, it is constantly “being stirred on the gear surfaces – or even fed from a reservoir”, and yet it separates after 4 years. Of course, the aircraft techs clean off and regrease critical aircraft parts, more often than we do our own  mounts.
Nuff said.

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It's easy to extend the "best before" time. Just stir the oil back in if it has separated. The oil is what gives the grease its lube quality. The thickener is just that - thickener.


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