Confused about SKY CHARTS program and APCC Tracking

Joe Zeglinski

    This is sort of off-topic, but something there is something odd about what I see happening in Cartes du Ciel (SKY CHARTS) when APCC has already PARKED the mount. Sky Charts shows that the mount is still “Tracking” (its icon is still green)  - after CCDSOFT had completed its color imaging, and I also had already ABORTED its RGH guiding activity - even though APCC itself, correctly shows Tracking = 0. I also tried using Sky Charts “Abort Slew” but it made no difference on its incorrect tracking status. Don’t know what the heck it thinks it is tracking – certainly not the mount.
    The only thing still running was Sky Charts, and APCC.  As I recall, last time I saw this, I purposely disconnected the mount in Sky Charts, and shut down APCC – yet Sky Charts  was still showing Tracking active.
This may likely be a bug in Sky Charts, or  (either APCC or the ASCOM Driver), is not sending it the PARK and Tracking (Stopped) status.
    Anybody else notice this?   Sky Charts (rev. 3.11 SVN-3261 ... from 2016).
Not a problem, just an inconsistency. Does this also happen with other software like SKY-X, ACP, or MAXIMDL, when APCC has parked the mount ?
Just wondering - Thanks,

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