Re: pelican cases for mach1GOT - size and foan?


That (Air 1615) would be a very long case, but perhaps not wide enough unless you take care with placement.

I put the Mach1 head in a Pelican Storm IM-2700 which is only 10lbs and 22x17x8. I use through-the-mount cabling and pack the cables with the mount. To make the mount fit, I swing the head so it points down (loosen RA knobs, rotate 180 degrees, re-tighten). Total weight is about 42 lbs with everything. 

I carry the counterweights and counterweight bar separately, and use yet another case for the GTOCP4. The multiple cases make carrying things around easier, and one doesn't need to worry about foam density issues.

I could've fit the mount better in a Pelican Storm IM-2720, but the case has double the weight, a factor for me.

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