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Mark Striebeck

Do you also want to power other equipment (filter wheel, focuser, guider...) from this battery? Or is it just the mount?

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Although Lithium batteries are light weight and powerful, they have some disadvantages. Most are not allowed on airplanes. They all require special chargers that are very expensive. A small sealed lead-acid battery for powering wheelchairs is really ideal and can be charged with inexpensive chargers which are available almost anywhere. The 18 amp hour Duracell measures 3" x 6" x7", weighs 12.5 lb and could even be used as a counterweight.

If this is too large, they make smaller ones of around 9 - 10 amp hours capacity which will run a mount for 18 - 20 hours.


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You probably could, but thats really expensive for an 8.8Ah battery.  Look at Bioenno instead.  These have been great for me.  For under $200 you can get a 20Ah LiFePo battery that will last 2000 charge/discharge cycles, and it will literally put out about 90% or more of its rated capacity.

Plus these already are wired with a Powerpole connection that can be hooked directly to AP’s new Powerpole power cables.  This would probably easily last a couple nights out powering a Mach1.
Traveling by plane…100 watt/hour batteries are the limit I believe, and only in carry on luggage.  Probably not a good idea to try and travel by plane with these.


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 Hi guys,
We are going to buy a Mach1GTO and we would like to get help with some topics:
. Do you think this Goal Zero battery SHERPA 100 POWER PACK handles the mach1cto for a night of work? If not, which suggestions do you have?

. Do you know if we could travel by airplane with batteries? (the technical support from Astro-physics said that could be a problem) 

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