Re: pelican cases for mach1GOT - size and foan?

Michael Turner


I use a Pelican 1610 with custom fit solid foam covering the lower 1/3 of the case. Yes, it is a big case, but my older Pelican 1600 was about 1 1/2 inches too short in depth.

I keep the CP3, Power and Motor cables, RAPAS, CPADT and the Keypad in the case when traveling.

Kaizen™ Foam Sets


At 12:41 PM 9/11/2017, you wrote:

Hi guys,

We are going to buy a Mach1GTO and we would like to get help with some topics:

. Do you think it will fit at a Pelican Air 1615 case (Interior size: L x W x D)  29.59" x 15.50" x 9.38")? What configuration should we choose to make it fit in?

. Do you think the internal open foan handle the mount or should we get a closed foan? How to get it?



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