Re: ADM saddle for Mach1GTO

Christopher Erickson

The current ADM D-series dual saddle combinations are effectively clones of the Robin Casaday saddle.
-Christopher Erickson
Observatory engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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If you can find the old Robin Casady saddles and tandem bars (no longer made sadly) on the used market I would recommend getting some as they are a step above anything else I've tried.

Michael Fulbright

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The Losmandy dual scope saddle works fine on my Mach1.  I see no reason why the ADM wouldn’t work.

But that said, I replaced the standard short AP two-clamp dovetail on my Mach1 for AP’s much longer and solid three clamp one.  I don’t think I’d trust any dual scope saddle on the short AP dovetail.


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Hi, I'm almost about pulling trigger to new mach1gto. Question is how ADM dual saddle for the mount is. Does anyone use it? May I ask pros and cons?  I already have ADM dual saddle for my AVX and not sure that I could reuse it with just  buying proper adapter. 




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