Re: ADM saddle for Mach1GTO

Jinyoung Heo

Thanks all!

Since ADM also offers dual saddle for Mach1GTO, I thought just buying adapter to connect the saddle plates and mount's head was enough. My OTA is AT65EDQ and EdgeHD 8, all has ADM Losmandy dovetail to be attached onto the saddle. I likely play with them more for next a couple of years. 

BTW, does anyone have experience Rayox saddle? While I was seeking for saddle info for Mach1GTO, it was also caught in my radar. Looked nice but could not get many review about it. 

Thanks again,

On Sunday, September 3, 2017 2:52 PM, "Michael Fulbright mike.fulbright@... [ap-gto]" wrote:

If you can find the old Robin Casady saddles and tandem bars (no longer made sadly) on the used market I would recommend getting some as they are a step above anything else I've tried.

Michael Fulbright

On 9/3/2017 5:03 PM, 'Woody Schlom' woody@... [ap-gto] wrote:
The Losmandy dual scope saddle works fine on my Mach1.  I see no reason why the ADM wouldn’t work.
But that said, I replaced the standard short AP two-clamp dovetail on my Mach1 for AP’s much longer and solid three clamp one.  I don’t think I’d trust any dual scope saddle on the short AP dovetail.
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Hi, I'm almost about pulling trigger to new mach1gto. Question is how ADM dual saddle for the mount is. Does anyone use it? May I ask pros and cons?  I already have ADM dual saddle for my AVX and not sure that I could reuse it with just  buying proper adapter. 

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