Re: Not Able to Understand Meridian Delay between APCC and Sequence Generator Pro

Ray Gralak

Hi Ben,

I think that SGP only supports pushing the Meridian flip point later, which is a negative value in APCC/Driver. You would have to ask the SGPro folks why the displayed value in SGPro shows as it does.

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I am confused about how to set the Meridian Delay in APCC in tandem with Sequence Generator Pro. I see
in the latest version of APCC on the Meridian tab that there is a "Send Limit to SGPro" checkbox. I have
turned this on and then made changes to the Meridian Delay. The results seem to be doing the opposite of
what I expect. I'd appreciate clarification on how to set the Meridian Delay from APCC to be recognized and
used by SGP.

Here's an example of what I am seeing:

At present my scope is pointed at Deneb, which is E of the meridian. There is no Meridian Delay (0) in
APCC. SGP reports that it will do a meridian flip in 3 hr 15 min when Deneb reaches the Meridian. When I
set the APCC Meridian Delay to +1.00 hr, I expect the meridian flip to occur an hour earlier. Indeed the
yellow line in the Telescope Position diagram in APCC shows it is shifted 1 hr E, and any slews I mak e
between that line and the meridian will be CW up as desired. However, I note that SGP now reports the time
until flip is an hour later at 4 hr 15 min. This seems backwards to me. Do I have this right?

I just attempted to set the delay to one hour later (now shifted W), and SGP still adds an hour to the flip,
whether I set the Meridian to + or -1 hr.

Thanks for your help with this.

Best Regards,

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